About Fundworks

The fundworks is a provider of alternative financing to small businesses and merchants. We focus on both healthy and challenged companies. More than that, however, we ourselves are a team of entrepreneurs who have spent our careers growing small entrepreneur and family-owned companies. Having lived through many business lifecycles, one common thread has defined our past success - access to capital, both human and financial. These are the lifeblood of small businesses.

And while we can't solve your human capital issues, we can help ensure that you have the money to grow - to buy new equipment, restock your inventory, finance your receivables, launch a new marketing campaign, open new locations or any of the many, many other reasons small businesses need financing. We cover the entire United States and fund virtually all industries including:

-Restaurants, bars, retail establishments;
-Healthcare service providers;
-Home services;
-Professional and business services;
-Wholesalers and distributors;
-And lots more.

Call us at (844) 644-FUND or email us at info@thefundworks.com to learn more about how we can help you make your business a success.